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Valoa Provides Social Impact Analysis

Traditional M&E with a Twist
  • Founded in 2017, Valoa is a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) entity. We support organisations to identify their social and environmental impact and mitigate social risks. We help formulate solutions whilst improving the relationship between local stakeholders and our clients. Our solutions are a blend of traditional M&E know-how as well cutting edge technology to promote intuitive data management and visual understanding.
  • We work with local stakeholders directly to provide a bottom-up perspective and understanding in complex situations.
A bottom-up focus
  • Communication with local stakeholders is integral to our solution. We believe that through clear and culturally aware communication we ensure the sustainability of future operations.
The future of Monitoring and Evaluation of results
  • Our digital solutions accelerate the transition from labour intensive field-based evaluations to the real time supervision of highly complex programmes.

We learn from our past to build a better future

Impact of the EU GAR-SI project 2016-2021 Evaluation
Evaluating the impact of the EU funded GAR-SI project, a peace building and security project spanning across six countries (Senegal, Niger, Mauritania, Tchad, Burkina Faso, and Mali) aimed at fighting human trafficking and terrorism. The evaluation has been asked to focus especially on cross-border cooperation, the impact on Human Rights and Gender Rights as well as the reduction on illegal activities in the Sahel region.

Centre for Sports & Human Rights Evaluation
Identifying the Centre’s impact in terms of promoting Human Rights in the Sporting world. Providing context analysis and digital visuals to enable clear policy decision making and accountability.

Humanitarian Mediation Global Health Programme 2016-2022 Evaluation
Evaluation of HD’s longstanding humanitarian and global health (HMGP) activities in Africa and the Middle East.

Review of Third-Party Monitoring Approaches Used in Somalia
An external review for the UK Department of International Development with the aim of gathering lessons to inform the third phase of the Somalia Monitoring Programme II.

Conflict Analysis Report
Conflict analysis for the Embassy of Denmark to prepare a revision to the country strategy, for conflict sensitivity.

Support Provided to SDC for Third Party Monitoring Evaluation and Learning (TPM&L) & Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP) in Somalia
A proposed approach for Framework for Risk Governance & Adaptive Programming and options available to the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in providing assistance in Somalia. This includes in particular accountability to local stakeholders.

Comprehensive Performance Assessment System
Development of the UN Comprehensive Performance Assessment System which is a monitoring dashboard linking peacekeeping field work to strategic decision making and accountability to Member States.

Complexity Thinking for Peacebuilding Practice and Evaluation
The design, evaluation, and learning for international interventions aiming to promote peace. More specifically, it reconceptualises this space by critically analysing mainstream approaches – presenting both conceptual and empirical content. This volume offers a variety of original and insightful contributions to the debates grappling with the adoption of complexity thinking.

Towards a Comprehensive Results-based Reporting and Performance Assessment Framework
Initial study that considers the tools and processes that DPKO and DFS currently use to assess the performance of senior personnel, individual units and peacekeeping operations, and proposes a methodology for reorganizing these tools into a single overarching comprehensive planning, reporting and performance assessment framework.

Mid-Term Review of Felm’s Peacebuilding and Reconciliation Programme 2017-2022

The objective of the assignment is to support programmatic learning in order to strengthen the quality of Felm’s Peacebuilding and Reconciliation programme and to enhance its performance.

Remote Monitoring

“Ground-truth” verifiable data for the efficient monitoring of aid effectiveness

Combining field teams, a collaborative approach and Information and Communication Technology – this is what gives us the possibility of engaging in Complexity Evaluation, to promote better decisions – to the benefit of decision makers, but also the populations that are the true actors of change.

It includes the use of:

Smartphones, cameras and recording equipment

Local sensors for infrastructure (roads, health centres), geolocalisation

Drones and commercial satellite imagery

Open source software such as for natural language analysis

High-end conferencing and visual projection tools

A customised client platform

Our monitoring is based on a collaborative approach to the production of data, and on the transcription of impact evaluation into clear impact representations, or dashboards, that are easy for stakeholders to understand and to use.


One solution, infinite possibilities


The Social Impact Assessment and Management (SIAM) Platform is a decision-making tool providing real time evidence on social performance.

It aggregates and analyses various types of data, providing unique oversight and understanding relating to social and environmental performance and risk.

SIAM demonstrates organisational management by combining data collection tools and proven social analytics, SIAM has been tested as a decision-making tool based on real time evidence about crisis response in unstable environments. 

Just as with our traditional methodologies accountability to affected populations plays a key role and ensures a win-win strategic position for organisations using it. Ensuring information is transparent.

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